Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baugmaree- Toru Dutt

Baugmaree- Toru Dutt
The Title; the Garden:-
            The title is very suggestive and apt. The garden ‘Baugmaree’ is the main subject of the poem. The poet describes scenic beauty of the garden of her family. It shows her love for nature.

The content:-
            The garden covers her home. It girds around with its ‘sea of foliage’ of shades, with its vivid splashes of different colors. The sea of foliage isn’t dull. Green colour has variety. There is light green colour of graceful tamarind tree. Mango tree has deep green colour. Palm is also standing, no doubt it is green. They stand like gray pillars so there’s dull green color. Red color is fascination. There are many seemuls trees. They are almost cotton trees and they have maroon flower. They look very much red. They are startling like trumpet’s sound. They are leaning over the quite pools. Bamboos are standing to the eastward. They look lovelier than others, in moonlight. White lotuses are looking like a cup of silver in the midst of such natural beauty. One is sure to feel free and cheerful.