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Indian Renaissance The novel: Themes, Background, Types

Indian Renaissance The novel: Themes, Background, Types
            The ‘novel’ is novel to India. We had other form very rich but there was no novel. No doubt ‘Kadambari’ by Bana and ‘Vasavaduatt’ Subandhu are often referred but there are not fit. It is in 19th century and especially the western influence brought this form. In the beginning translation came. Classics were adapted and abridged but that gave way to original Indian novels. India being a large subcontinent, many languages are there and so many regional novels came.
(A) Pioneers: Bengali Novelist: Bankim-Taogre-Sarat:-
Indian Renaissance in Bengali Renaissance. Later on it spread all over, it is but natural that Bengali writers led the way. First novel was traced in 1858, which was ‘Alaler Gharer Dulal’. But with the coming of Bankim Chandra Chattergee the novel made the mark. His first effort ‘Rajmohan’s Wife’ become first Indian novel in English. Other Bengali novels came out and were translated into English. They are: ‘Durgeshnandini, ‘Kopalkundala’, ‘Vishavriksha’, ‘Krishnakantar Uyil’, ‘Anandmath’ and ‘Devi Choudhuani’. Toru Dutt’s ‘Biance’, Raj Lakshmi Devi’s ‘The Hindu Wife’ etc. appeared too.

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