Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Describe Gandhi as a writer.

Q: - 4 Describe Gandhi as a writer.
Q: - 4 what is Gandhi’s Contribution as writer- Discuss his greatness in this regard.
Q: - 4 Discuss Gandhian style of writing.
            M.K Gandhi was not basically a writer. He was a leader in social and political fields. He started writing during his stay in Africa. His life style is reflected in the autobiography. He became a knowledge person and made him conscious of Writing. Moreover his profession also influenced in careful creation. He began to use writing for various motives. There is explanation, appeal, or clarification. Clarity and simplicity have remained great merits. Figurative use isn’t found as his purpose was to describe plainly. Digressions have come. Yet we have to remember that the narration is interesting, orderly, assertive and very much effective.

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