Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Break, Break, Break–Tennyson

Break, Break, Break–Tennyson
Þ          Lord Alfred Tennyson was the most popular poets of the English Victorian Ages. His poetry was read in all cultured households; he was made Poet Laureate and was buried in Westminster Abbey. His poetry was an epitome of his time. According to W. J. Long “Through the entire Victorian period Tennyson stood of the summit of the poetry in England”
Þ          The poem ‘Break, Break and Break’ is one of the best known of Tennyson’s short poems. It is derived from the volume ‘In Memoriam’ which express the poet’s grief over the premature death of his friend Arthur Henry Hallam. The poet’s powerful feelings for his friends and the loneliness caused by his friend are very nicely shown in the poem.

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