Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Lakshman:  Historical religious character:-
            Lakshman is a historical character. He was a prince of king Dashrath. In the great epic, ‘The Ramayana’ he is almost a shadow of Lord Rama. He is known for his brotherly love, faith and bravely.
            Toru Dutt was fascinated to ancient mythical stories. Her one collection refers the same. Many of her poems have issues or themes from the history. So Lakshman isn’t new for us but Toru’s poetic art is our concern. She narrates as she found him.

Faith and Helplessness of Lakshman; theme:-
            Lakshman is a great example of faith. In the forest he wanders with Rama and Sita. In a situation Rama goes for hunting on demand of Sita, he asks Lakshman to guard her at any coast. While he was guarding her, Sita heard a cry and believes it is her husbands shouting for help. She asks Lakshman to go and save but he denies and tells that his brother can not be defeated or killed so easily. It could be a mistake. At this time Sita becomes so angry that she tells a lot to Lakshman. For him on one side obedience to his brother is there and o the other Sita’s taunts and bitter remarks make him helpless. Lakshman’s helplessness is brought out by the poet.
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