Tuesday, June 25, 2013

“Gandhi as a wonderful economist”

“Gandhi as a wonderful economist”
Q: - 3 Gandhi was a wonderful economist, Is it true?’ Elaborate your views in reference to the Autobiography. OR
What are Gandhi’s views on economics, agriculture in industry and industry over all? – Explain them.

            Gandhian philosophy is blended with economic views. It is surprising he is not a professional economist, yet his practice, thinking and own life-style is of spirituality, he found welfare of people through practice of truth and Ahimsha. Success of economic thoughts of Gandhi denied on it. Truth is social, political matter govern the life so they should be kept in mind. Gandhi moved to various places of Africa and India and was moved by ignorance and idleness. These are evils which spoil the lives of thousand of people. Add to this is problem of population. To solve these problems he gave many solutions. Living, home industry, rural industry, educated political awareness, sources-resources, following Brahmacharya were some other means remove the poverty and bring prosperity happiness.