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Character of Samthanaka (Sakara).

Short Notes:-
 Character of Samthanaka (Sakara).

v  Introduction:-
            This creation of Sakara’s character is unique  in the whole rage of Sanskrit literature. It is a triumph of the dramatic genius of Sudraka. Prof. G.K. Bhatt rightly observes, “What brain conceived the figure of Sakara? It is impossible to meet such ac character in the entire range of Sanskrit literature. His instincts are murderous, his impulses are criminal. He has a venomous speech. He is abhorrence incarnate.

v His speech
            His speech is an outstanding feature of his character. It is given him his nick-name, Sakara. There are many sibilant making a sound like a snake, or like the letter’ ‘S’. He is very much fond of using a series of synonyms. He can not be satisfied with only ‘Kesa’; he also uses the words ‘bala’ and ‘Siroruha’ along with it. He boasts the he is Purasa Manusya’. He has made out ten made of Vasantsena. He uses them only to signify his mastery over the language. The effect of his speech is often come because he often misunderstanding  or misinterprets, the worlds of others. For example, he mistakes Vasantsena’s words’ ‘Santam for Santam’ and Sranta for Sranta’. His mythological references also indicate the pervasion of his mind.

v A great glutton:-
            Sakara is a great glutton. He is very much fond of spicy food, old, ‘ghee’ and meat. On the day of Charudatta’s execution, he takes delicious dish of meat and fish, fired varieties and sweet rice. Thus he enjoys this joyous event. There is a close parallel between Sakara’s lust for food and his physical lust for Vasantsena. He says to her, “My poor heart is burning with love like a piece of meant roasted on burning embers.” At the same time, he assumes her that he will not cut off her head. He would dance around her, lie at her feet and beg for love. Side by side, he can not forget the power of death and the male strength that he possesses. Ceta rightly says, “Even his courtesy is frightening”.

v  A coward man:-
            Basically Sakara is a coward at heart. He is abusive and arrogant in this talk, but afraid of the royal power. He always uses frightening phrases, but he never prefers straight fight. He talks of his ‘Sharpened Sword’ only before a helpless woman. He frightens a poor Brahmin like Laltreya, but is afraid of ‘brave men’ only a ma like Sakara can say, “Look at he splendind piece of my heroism. I have killed the woman.

v A Hypocrite and An evil incarnate
            When provokes Sakara becomes a victim of uncontrollable rage and cruelty. When Vasantsena kicks him, he says, “The fire of my wrath which was provoked by slighting my request is now bursting into flames by this Kick, I will kill her now.” He can bribe, bully and tell a blatant like whenever necessary. He also uses hypocrisy of a crane to remove the gullible Vita and Ceta from his path.
            Thus in this speech and behaviour, in his physical lust and in his criminal disposition which has scruples and makes. Sakara is the most inhuman of human. It will be more correct to say that he is sub-human. His gluttony and his love for destruction are in the brutal sate. He is a Caliban without master. We may stay the out of pages of ‘Panchatrantra’ a wile fox has come alive in the shape of Sakara. He is really evil and cunningness incarnate.

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