Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Indian Renaissance “The beginnings; Rammohan Roy”

Indian Renaissance  “The beginnings; Rammohan Roy”
            Indian literature existed since long. We shall see the beginning of India literature with a reasonable mind. If we have to inquire, we must see three factors: the race, the milieu, and the moment. ‘Our race’ is mixed Indian race because of invasions, conquests and occupation within a period of five thousand year. ‘Milieu’ is various because of vast subcontinents. Geographically and culturally there is a great variety. While moment’ covers the meeting of the west and India.
            During 17th and 18th century India was chaos. Many westerners came and began to rule while the Indians themselves were divided. It was the waste-land. Neither vitality of life nor intellectual activity was found so life was miserable. Economy and trade flourished, social system of cast and creed was maintained. Decadence was there but not.


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