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Literary Criticism Longinus’s concept of sublime and its sources.

Literary Criticism Longinus’s concept of sublime and its sources.
Q Write a note on the contribution of Longinus. Or Discuss Longinus’s concept of sublime and its sources.

v  Introduction:-  
            Eulogizing Longinus (1th or 3th Century Anno Domini) George Sainsbury states aptly So then there abide (stand) these three, Aristotle, Longinus and Coleridge.”
R.A. Scott- James addresses him as  ‘The first Romantic critic’.
            He is also considered as  ‘The pioneer in the field of aesthetic appreciation of literature.
 Longinus is a Graceo-Roman critic. The literary critics have disputes among themselves about his name, time and birth place. According to them, he is either Cassius Longinus or Dionysius Longinus.

v “On the Sublime – A treatise by Longinus”-
            Longinus’s ‘On the Sublime’ is a critical document of great world and significance. It is the most precious legacy to the literary criticism. This treatise is full of such passages as have rightly been called Gibbon as “The find monument of antiquity.”. In it we find a happy combination of classicism and romanticism. Praising this work, Atkins says,
“There are things in its place than can never grow old, while its freshness and light will continue to charm all age.”
             It has a tremendous impact on literary critics all these years. The treatise offers a new approach to art, a new interpretation to literature. It is addressed to some Posthumius Terentianus, a friend or a pupil of Longinus.
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