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The Lotus-Toru Dutt

The Lotus-Toru Dutt
Toru Dutt: - (1856-1877)
            She belonged to wealthy and educated family. Her parents were literary personalities. She was fragile but powerful in sensitivity. Life was as she saw a few deaths. In a very short life she left behind a rich tradition. Her Education in Bengal, England and France has helped a lot to her poetic career. “A Sheaf Gleaned in French” is a collection of translations. Her creative poetic collection is “Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan” published in 1882. “Miscellaneous Poems” is another collection. She wrote short lyrics, odes and sonnets in which her talent is seen.
            Basically she is a romantic poet. Her description of nature is very fine and fascinating. There is moral tone but it is saved because of her lyrical output. Her sensitive, intense nature adds charm. Sincerity of mind; finely knit content; vigorous, pleasing sound’ and sense make her word value. Nostalgic mood,, variety of description, dialogues etc. rise to the occasion and she manages to versification. ‘Lotus, ‘Prahalad’, ‘Savitri’, ‘Our Casuarina Tree’ and ‘Baugmaree are some of her beautiful poems.   

The Lotus:-
            The poem tells us the story of the birth of the lotus flower. There was a conflict between the Lily and the Rose about their claim of the Queen. Psyche (love) goes to Flora (the Queen of Gardens) to fins the answer. Psyche asks such a flower that should be delicious as the rose and stately as the lily. The combination of both these things is the lotus. She gives Psyche this flower which is rose-red and lily-white. Even the strife between the two is known to other flowers. Often they talked about this as this was a quarrel since long long time. Even the praises of each were sung by the poets but there was no solution. Some claimed that Rose can not tower like Lily. Lily hides beauty of Rose. Lily’s appearance is majestic. The look is fascinating. But rival is also beautiful. Out of two certainly rose is lovelier. Rose is delicious and Lily is stately. Rose is soft, Lily is proud. There was no end of this dispute.
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  1. Definetly we can say the poem a masterpiece. Dutt died in a young age but before that she had made significant contribution to indo-angelic literature. It is really unbelievable in her bend of mind in young age. I salute her greatness.