Tuesday, May 28, 2013


            The vibration of vocal cords is very significant in speech. When they are kept loosely together, they vibrate and that the vibration produces a musical not called voice. The rate of vibration is called frequency of vibration. This decides the pitch of the voice. In this ways, the patterns of vibration of the pitch of the voice constitute the intonation of a language. According to Daniel Jones,            The pitch of the voice with
which a voiced sound is
produced is called intonation.

            When we hear someone speak, we realize that he doesn’t always speak on the same note. We hear constant variation on the level at which his voice is pitch. It remains level, high or low. Such way of variation in pitch from one part of an utterance to another is intonation.
            A syllable on which a pitch change takes place is marked with one of the following signs depending upon the type of pitch change:

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