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Sudraka’s Style:-

Sudraka’s Style:-

v Introduction:-
            Style is the man. Style reflects a writer’s genuine personality. A great writer’s means of expression are diction, design and personality. The third requirement of style is ‘the should in style’. With all the unity of design, style may lack warmth, clour and perfume. The writer’s personality five this living touch. In this connection Flaubert observes, “Style is the real man. Pater considers Charles s Labe next the Shakespeare in the style on account of  the reflection of his personality. The same is the case with Sudraka whose natural love for simplicity and power of brief, effective and dramatic dialogue make ‘Mrichchakatikam” an immortal play.

v Sudraka’ unconventional and experimental style
            The special features that make this play an immortal one are the wealth of incidents, the variety of characters, the mastery of pathos, the plenty of humour and wit and the charm of this simple yet effective style. His style lifts the plays from the tradition Sanskrit play and proves it a unique quality. In the matter of style, Sudraka differs from the tradition-loving and rule observing Sanskrit writers. The unconventional realism of the malice its perfectly individualized character and the cosmopolitan world with its malice, intrigue, romance and humour appear to be acceptable on account Sudraka’ unconventional and experimental style.

v The use of long compound, simile and proverbs
            The use of long compound is a special feature of the style of this play. There is however some looseness in the formation of compound. The use of monosyllables is fairly common, simply to fill in the line. The poet has also used some striking and unusual similes and significant proverbs throughout the play. He uses epigrammatic expression very effectively. There are some expressions which can not be called purely grammatical. On the whole, how every the style is natural and simple. There are some repetitions of the same ideas now and then. This is all the more noticeable in the description of rain and storm int-V and the expression of anger against women in Act –VI. We also find several interpolations in these play.

v Use of metres
            Here Sudraka uses a large number of metres throughout the play. The (8-syllabled line) is used eighty three times in this play. It makes the style easily understandable, enjoyable and lucid. The poet has also used Vasantitalaka and Surdulavikridita frequently  with great effect. There are about a hundred stanzas in Prakirt.

v Limitations
            As a stylist, Sudraka has some limitation also. At some, places, we find needless elaboration and verbosity, as in Sarivlaka’s outburst against women and Maitreya’s description of Vasantsena’s house in Act-V. The poet refers to the sound when the time is already late evening. He describes the stormy season as ‘gleaming with clouds’.

v Conclusion:-
            On the whole, the style of this play is quit simple and effective. It belongs to the Vaidarbhi variety of which Kalidas is the recognized master.   

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