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Humour in ”Mrichchhakatikam’

Humour in ”Mrichchhakatikam’

v Introducation
            Dr. Ryder rightly remarks, “Mrichchakatikam displays admirably three characteristic of its author, his variety, his skill in drawing to characters and his humour. As regards the characters, the poet has give us all sorts of character, high and low and they are undoubted living men and women. As regards humour, it is the heart “Mrichchhakatikam’. No other Sanskrit dramatist has given  such a wealth of humour as we find this play. While there the humour is not confined to any particular character. Dr. Ryder rightly  remarks, “Sudraka’s humour runs the whole gamut from grim to farcical, from satirical to quaint. Its variety and keenness are such that king Sudraka need not fear a comparison with the greatest of Occidental writer of comedies”.

v Humour of words
            Here we have humour of words through puns and verbal wit’. Form example, Sakara interprets the words’ “Tumum dhanne, tummum punne’ as barber, an atheist, a tank of a pot maker. Veta Vasantsena’s servant, asks two question
‘When do the mangoes blossom? Vasanta’ or springs and
What protects the cities? ‘Sena’ or army.
 We have wit through following example.
Sudraka asks, “Are all these things really in our house? 
Nati replies, yes they, in the shop:
 Ceta tells Maitreya, “I will give you a problem.” 
Maitreya says, “I will give a foot on your head!”

v Humour of characters
            We have humour of characters also. Maitreya is a source of humour on account of is ugly face head shaped like the crow’s feet and it is an unshapely as the Camel’s knee and also his timidity. Sahara is afraid of ‘Manushya’ of ‘Raksasi’, Darduraka’s humour is highly delightful. He says, “Gambling is a Kingdom minus the throne. Sharvilaka is also highly delightful. He describes different uses of is ‘sacred thread’ and proceeds to break the house wit hthe solemnity of a scientist and the tenderness of an artist?

v Humour through situation:-
            Sudraka provides humour through situations also. They have a Universal appeal because such humour is independent of language. The farcical situation in Act V between Maitreya and Ceta and the love scenes between Sajara and Vasanta are highly farcical. In Acc II Samvahaka tries to dodge his pursers and he stand in a motion less posture in the place of an ideal .with the entry of Darduraka there is free exchange of words and blows. Then Samvakaha runs to Vasantsena’s house followed by two gambler. She mistake them as beggar and says, “I have no money. Go elsewhere. In act VI, there is an amusing quarrel between Viraka and Candanaka over into a Kick, Candanaka call it’s a “karnata quarrel’. The flight between Maitreya and Sakara in the court is highly comic. All these delightful situations make this play a piece of art.

v Conclusion:-
            Thus humour is a very delightful and refreshing feature on “Mrichchakatikam”. It is neither stale nor stereotyped. It pervades almost entire play. It is enjoyable on account tits keenness and rich variety. 

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