Friday, May 17, 2013

The Tree of Man(1955) Character of Amy Parker

As a symbolic character:-
            “The Tree of Man” is a symbolic novel. White has used different images and symbols to heighten the effect of spiritual awareness in different characters to lead from ignorance to spiritual awareness. In the novel White portrays the married life of Stan Parker, a farmer of Durilgai and his wife Amy. The word ‘tree’ in the title of this novel stands for Stan’s quest of growth, for inexhaustible life. In Stan we find ‘the melancholic longing for permanence, while Amy stands of motion in life. Stan sets out in each of permanence. He removes all the bushes from his farm and whishes that his wife should live peacefully in his ‘honest house’ Here they take roots. They milk cows and grow cabbages. Amy plants garden. The neighbours also join them. Thus entire threads of the move round Stan’s identity findings and Amy’s bridal day and her present mental state.

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