Friday, May 17, 2013

The Tree of Man(1955) Imagery/ Symbolism

 Discuss the use of Imagery and Symbolism in ‘The Tree of Man’. ‘Symbolic significance extends the boundaries of the Modern novel, How far does it true to Tree of Man.
What Symbolism is:-
            Symbolism is a movement associated with a group of French writers 1880-95. It may be seen as a reaction against dominate realist and naturalist tendencies in literature.  The poets like Mallarme, Verlaine, Rimbaudand Laforgue were associated with the symbolic movement. According to C. L. Lewis
            “Symbolism comes of us from Greece. It makes its first effective appearance in European thought with the Dialogue of Plato.”
            In the broadest sense of the term a symbol is anything which signifies something else. A symbol is applied only to a word or phrase signifying an object which itself has significance.