Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The consonants of English

The consonants of English
Q: - 1 Describe the consonants of English.
Q: - 1 Describe various consonants according to their place, manner and lip positions.
¬  Introduction:-
Þ    Any consonants can be described by three ways.
(a)    According to the position of glottis they are considered whether they are voiced or voiceless.  
(b)   According to the stricture involved in articulation. Plosive, affricate, nasal, fricative, etc. are labels given to consonants according to their manner of articulation.
(c)    Consonants can be described according to their places of articulation.
Three are 24 consonants of English. If we analyses it will show the following strength.
1.      Plosives = 6 consonants
2.      Affricates = 2consonants
3.      Nasals =  3consonants
4.      Fricatives = 9 consonants
5.      Lateral = 1 consonants
6.      Approximant =  3consonants

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