Saturday, May 18, 2013


v Diglossia:-
            Sometimes we find two or more dialects or language in regular use in a community. We have a situation known as Diglossia. In a diglossic community there is a tendency to give one of the dialects or language a higher status or prestige and to reserve it for certain function in society, such government, education, The Law, Religion, Literature, Press, Radio and Television. The prestige dialect is often known as the language or the standard dialect. The use of two widely divergement forms of same language by all members of the community under different conditions is called Diglossia. In such a situation a high or a classical literary language is used for formal occasions and in written texts. And a low or vernacular form is used in colloquial conversation. Thus within the same community that is a speech community one form is used for specialized activities and the other form is used for non specialized daily activities. The most familiar examples are in Italian or Persian where may speakers speak their local dialect at home or among family language in communicating with speakers of other dialects or on public occasions. An example from India can be cited from high and low Tamil. These form very considerable at all levels of language that is sounds, grammar and meaning.  

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