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Linguistic communication

Linguistic communication
            Two million years ago, man made his first appearance on earth, heralding the down of an era yet unborn the era of communication. He produced sounds and made gestures ot convey his feelings of joy, fear and sorrow. Time passed by ‘man’ multiplied. His families expanded and coalesced into tribes. Soon a need for communication is arouse. Communication is done with purpose, we want to make someone do something or take some action or think of feel in a certain way. In simple words of Leland Brown. “Communication is the transmission and interchange of facts, ideas feelings or course of actions.”

v Meaning of Communication:-
            The word ‘communication’ is derived form Latin term ‘communicate’ or ‘communio’ both of which terms means ‘to share’. It is process of exchange facts, ideas, and opinions and as a means that individuals or organizations share meaning and understanding with one another. In other words, it is the transmission and interacting of facts, ideas and opinion, feelings, attitudes. Communication is a process involving the sorting, selecting and sending of symbols in such a way as to help the listener perceive and recreate in his own mind, the meaning contained in the mind of communicator 
            Communication has been defined as ‘transferring of a thought or ideas from one group of persons so that it can be understood and acted upon.” In order to transfer an idea, we must use symbols which stand for the idea. According to Petel Little, “Communication is the process by which information is passed between individuals or organiza-tions by means of previously agreed symbols.

v Nature of communication:-
            Organizations are represented as communication systems. Every organization has its own sub-systems and there is always interaction and interface between sub-systems to achieve goals. Communication transmits information and data to the total system. There must be two parties in the process of communication. The communicator or sender or transmitter of message and receive or recipient or listener or reader is another party at the end. The nature of communication is exchange of message and interaction. Communication may be through written or verbal action,
According to Peter Little, “Communication is defined as intercourse by words, letters, symbols or message and as a way that one organization member shares meaning and understanding with one another.”

v Process of Communication:-
            ‘Process’ is a course of action. Communication as an organization process affects all. It unable us to transfer information from one person to anther, from one department to another, from outside to organization. No matter whether the organization is an individual firm society or a body corporate. The ultimate object is that information transformed must be understandable to the receiver.
            Communication is the vehicle of individuals and group in the organizations. In this process of the transmitters select, when and what to communicate and determines their medium for transmission. The receiver takes the massage, interprets, perceives and responds to it. The whole sequence is the communication process as a process; it is routine and continuous forever. It is a never ending process cycle.
            According to David K. Bano, the whole process (sequence) of communication process involves six steps. 
Message è Sender è encoding è channel è receiver è decoding.

v Linguistic Communication:-
            Today, there are number of means of communication, language is the most widely used instrument. It is one of the most prized possessions of man. It has been used as a tool for communication for centuries. It has unable man to interact with the environment and to regulate his behaviours.
            Language acts as repository of wisdom, a propeller for the advancement of knowledge, and a telescope to view the vision of the future. Man had tried hard to exploit the flexibility and dynamism of language for the conduct of his day-to-day affair. But in this attempt he has been only partially successful. Though human society progressed with remarkable speech the use of langue for communication is not free for ignorance prejudice and superstition.
            Man communicates meanings through a sophisticated system of symbols. He alone has the power to express in words, sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Thus communication is the story of man and his efforts of interactions and naturally the sender and the receiver keeping on changing their roles.
            Another aspect of communication is it is essentially a social affair. The system of communication is commonly owned, accepted, and recognized by the members of community. It enables them to acquire, exchange, store, retrieve and process information. What is essential for communication to occur is the co-operation between two parties one active and other passive.
            In a short, the entire event takes place within a common frame of reference, also called communication environment. Thus the success of communication is measured in terms of not only the effective transmission of the massage but also the achievement of the intended result. It indicates the processes or initiation and reaction on the part of sender and receiver respectively. 

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