Thursday, May 16, 2013

DON QUIXOTE Character of Don Quixote:-

DON QUIXOTE  Character of Don Quixote:-
          Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra was a Spanish novelist and dramatist. He was an outstand ingenious and supreme innovator of Spanish literature. Along with being a playwright, poet novelist, he was also the inventor of the psychological short story in Spain. His influence, on the English novel was profound, especially of Fielding, Sterne and Smollett. From the long record of struggle and achievement in the face of consistently hostile circumstances he emerges as one of the noblest characters in his country’s story. Cervantes’s writing reveals his insights into the nature of reality and the meaning of life in general. Even his fame is as assured and universal as that of the hero of his great novel, ‘Don Quixote’. The popularity and the universality of the book can be assumed by reading the following words, 
“except for the bible, No book has been so
Widely diffused into Many different languages
 In addition to ‘Don Quixote’.”

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