Thursday, May 16, 2013

The reflection of Montaigne on the thematic concerned in his essays.

. The reflection of Montaigne on the thematic concerned in his essays.
v Introduction:-          
          Michel De Montaigne is considered as the great French essayist and the first writer of the essays. He was the man who first introduced the essay into English literature. He had seen too much of the law court and cultured society so he outpours his heart in his essay. He saw all life around him along with sweet, smart and stinging experience of life. He was inclined both the circumstance of his time on the variety of life, its business and pleasures. In most of his essays he represents the skeptical class of his contemporary society. But Montaigne added the peculiarity of his own temperament to his skepticism. Montaigne believes that a skeptical person always doubts the truth of particular claim, theory and especially the truth of the Christian religion or the all religions. Montaigne found his society more skeptical and he himself was not inclined to believe anything unless he had fund proof of it. He had a habit of questioning the truth about all his contemporary burning questions of education the children, maintaining friendship with people,  how select friends and foes, how to selected books for reading, how to judge people from their behavior and actions and so on. He had doubting state of mind on every question.